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What's in the box?

Posted: 09:11 05 Dec 11 #1
  • Eilertsen
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  • Eilertsen
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This is for those of you that are wondering what you'll find in the box once you've received your product but can't wait for it to arrive:

The device (incl. back cover and a battery)
The startup guide
A USB to micro USB cable
A charger
A headset (w/ extra earpieces)

It also comes pre-installed with the following languages:

(BG) Bulgarian
(CA) Catalan
(CS) Czech
(DA) Danish
(DE) German
(EL) Greek
(EN) English
(ES) Spanish
(FI) Finnish
(FR) French
(HR) Croatian
(HU) Hungarian
(IN) Indonesian
(IT) Italian
(JA) Japanese
(KO) Korean
(LT) Lithuanian
(LV) Latvian, Lettish
(NL) Dutch
(NO) Norwegian
(PL) Polish
(PT) Portuguese
(RO) Romanian
(RU) Russian
(SK) Slovak
(SR) Serbian
(SV) Swedish
(TL) Tagalog
(TR) Turkish
(UK) Ukrainian
(ZH) Chinese

Please be aware that box content and pre-installed languages might be changed without further notice. 

Kenneth Eilertsen (Quality Engineer, eXpansys)

Posted: 10:02 05 Dec 11 #2

In the box,


Posted: 18:42 19 Jan 12 #13
  • siedkick
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Would you happen to have a list detailing which markets receive this phone with the Google (yakju) software build?

Posted: 20:58 16 Feb 12 #14

siedkick, I've sent an email to Expansys AU asking whether the version they sell is yakju.  I have yet to receive a response.    The lack of response is frustrating because I really want this phone but will not buy unless it is yakju.   If the non-response continues, I'm just going to buy from Negri Electronics in the US who advertises two separate versions upfront.   I'll pay international shipping but at least I'll be assured of the right version.

Posted: 17:51 17 Jul 12 #16
I ordered the EU version, even though Expansys were unable to tell me which firmware version it was. However it was the yakju firmware, and so gets updates direct from google. On turning on the phone requested to do 4 updates to bring it upto-date and is now on JellyBean.
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