MarPac Dohm DS Sound Conditioner (Dual Speed, 240V AU, Fog White)

  • This product has been discontinued, the information below is for reference purposes only.

  • SKU: 261131
  • , EAN: 0036005003807
  • , UPC: 036005003708
  • , Mfr: AP_DOHM_NSF_WH
  • , Brand: MarPac

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MarPac Dohm DS Sound Conditioner Features

  • Naturally creates the soothing sound of rushing air to mask noise and minimize distractions
  • No digital loops or recordings
  • Fully adjustable tone and volume
  • Simple, solid construction

The Dohm-DS consists of a compact adjustable acoustic housing surrounding a two-speed electric motor with a unique asymmetrical fan. This design allows it to create the soothing sound of rushing air, Marpac Signature Sound, without the disturbance of actual moving air. This natural “white noise” sound has been proven to effectively block noises at a broad range of frequencies, so you can get deep, undisturbed sleep all night long. The Dohm’s two speeds and adjustable tone and volume allow you to control your personal sound environment with the simple twist of a wrist.

  • Shipping Weight: 1.10kg

Technical Details

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 680 g
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 146 mm, Height: 82.55 mm

User Reviews

  • by Hazel
  • Sunday, 15 February 2015

MarPac Dohm-NSF Sound Conditioner

It is just amazing. I couldn't believe this small thing can really solve my years and years of sleep problem. Thank you to the t. Also thank you to the creator. Also thank you to the Expansys that you have this product on your product lists.

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