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Key features:

  • Add Alexa to Your Car via Bluetooth/AUX
  • Works with iOS/Android Alexa App
  • 8 Far-Field Microphones Built-In
Brand: Amazon / SKU: 368494 / Mfr: AP_B07VTK654B / EAN: 0840080542409

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Amazon Echo Auto Description

Take Alexa on the road with the Echo Auto from Amazon. Echo Auto adds the functionality of Alexa to compatible vehicles. Simply plug the Echo Auto into your car's USB port or power adapter, connect it to the vehicle's head unit via Bluetooth or an AUX jack, then begin setup through the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device. Once set up, you can give voice commands to the Echo Auto and responses will be played back through your vehicle's sound system.

The Echo Audio features 8 built-in far-field microphones that are engineered to hear your questions and commands over music, the AC, and ambient road noise. With tens of thousands of Alexa skills, you can control a variety of apps and functions on your mobile device, such as playing music via Spotify, getting navigation from Waze, or playing a roadtrip game with HeadsUp!. You can also perform basic tasks like making a hands-free call, asking Alexa a question, setting reminders, and more. For added privacy, you can press the "Microphone Off" button to electronically deactivate the 8 microphones.

Additional Features
Manual action button to engage Alexa without speaking

LED status light bar

Vent mount included

Shipping Weight: 0.22kg

Technical Details

  • Add Alexa to Your Car via Bluetooth/AUX
  • Works with iOS/Android Alexa App
  • 8 Far-Field Microphones Built-In
  • Reponses Played Through Car Speakers
  • Control Music, Calls, Navigation & More
  • Interact with Apps via Alexa Skills
  • Microphone Off Button for Privacy
  • Manual Alexa Action Button
  • LED Status Light Bar
  • Vent Mount Included

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