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Thinkpad T20 Battery problems [2-Power IBM Thinkpad T20 Series Laptop Battery - 114751]

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hello. Can anyone guess how to fix the following problem with my laptop battery. It is 100% full changed, when is starts to discharge at 80 % it goes suddenly to 5% and the computer alerts that the system is running out of battery. If someone has an aswer please help me!!!!! Thanks Pamela Diaz
1. Is your laptop battery original or replacement? If replacement battery, you need to check your laptop BIOS and update it to the latest version, because most of replacement batteries are made after the laptop, they require current laptop' BIOS to recognize them. You can details at http://www.ebuybatteries.com/battery_knowledge/battery_faq.asp#new-battery-not-working 2. If your laptop battery is original, I think it is old and not able to hold the charge, you need to buy a new battery. Also read http://www.ebuybatteries.com/battery_knowledge/battery_faq.asp#change-old-battery Hope the above be helpful.
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je bien lu vostre message,je vous demande de lire cet article et j'attends votre commentaire:http://www.laptops.fr/Logiciel_De_Mannequins_Virtuels_–_Première_Partie_90.html


je cherche le "Recovery CD" pour le T20

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