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Does the initial credit expire after 60 days? [3 Pay As You Go Sim Card + £30 Starter Top-Up Offer - 179523]

  • jonesey
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It says in the product description that the credit on the Flat12 tariff never expires.   Is this true of the £30 starter top-up?    I ask this because on the 3 website the T's & C's for the Flat12 tariff contain:

"New customers who have purchased a handset or a SIM only with a built in Starter Top-up will need to use their Starter Top-up within 60 days of activation (activation occurs at the first chargeable usage event). Any unused credit remaining after 60 days will expire."

  • Yoni
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I don't believe it covers the initial £30

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  • dannymb
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The £30 _does_ expire after 60 days. Activated it today, and check my balance shows "Starter top-up expires 01 May".

Having said that, I was able to convert £ 25 into five Internet monthly add-ons. For some reason I cannot use that last 5 quid to buy another month's worth of internet add-on. The proof of the pudding will be internet access on the 2nd May though.