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3Com Gigabit Fiber-SX Server NIC – Support Forum

3C995-SX Blackhole [3Com Gigabit Fiber-SX Server NIC - 112187]

Somewhere on this planet there has to be drivers to make the 3C995-SX Gigabit NIC from 3COM work (for Windows 2000, XP, or 2003). I have heard it all, read it all, and downloaded them all. Everything from the ...996 should work to the fact that 3Com has said that the NIC was released by mistake. I have had 3 guys over 6 months (off and on) searching with me [in the event a driver showed up] that would make the NIC work. However none of the drivers have worked. I have read where people have said to just give it up and buy another NIC. I did not buy this one, it was given to me by my son who tried for several months to find drivers for this fiber card. There are a lot of companies out there selling this once touted $795 card for $45 or less because they do not include drivers. The point is not to give up but to press on and solve this problem. I have a ton of other NIC's, as do most of you and other parts. The whole thing is a pride matter now. I want to make it work. Anyone have any leads? The drivers seemed to have been sucked up into a blackhole.