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Power requirement and tech capability of router [3Com OfficeConnect 802.11g Travel Router - 115600]

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I am intereseted in the 3Com Travel wireless router for 2 purposes. Firstly so that I can use my wireless PDA (iPaq) when I am in hotel rooms where there is only a wired broadband connection and secondly to use 2 laptops in a wireless mode when I am in a hotel room with only one broadband wired connection. Therefore I have the following questiopns which I would hope you can answer. 1) How is the unit powered? Do I need to also carry an power brick? If I am using the laptop will it power through my USB connection? If I am using the PDA then there is no USB connection so where will the power come from? Batteries? 2) What broadband input is there on the router? Will it connect to an ASDL connection in the UK and also a broadband connection in the USA? (I recently discovered for the first time that the cableds for these differ when I purchased a Linksys (3 Com) wireless router in the USA and tried to instal it to my home ASDL connection at my home in the UK. Linksys tech support told me the 2 routers had different input plug sizes. I had to eventually fo and buy a new linksys router in the UK.) I hope this attempt to give as much background information has not made this posting too complex. FYG I am comparing this product to the similar product from Teleadapt. Thanks Jonathan