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Unable to Find PDA in ActiveSync [3Com Wireless Bluetooth Adaptor V2 - 105210]

  • jdpuddy
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I wish to sync my iPAQ PDA through this USB dongle but when I try and search for the device in ActiveSync it says device not found. However when I use the Bluetooth manager software with the dongle I am able to see the device and send files over the serial connection, and am using the most current versions of both ActiveSync and the deveice driver software Please can anybody identify where I might be goign wrong
  • Mahesh
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1. Make sure that serial port is connected. 2. ActiveSync partner is ticked. 3. Go into Start -> ActiveSync -> Tools -> Options, make sure that BlueToothActiveSync is selected. 3. You have to invoke ActiveSync from the iPaq. On the right hand bottm corner of your screen, you'll find a Bluebox, click on that and one of the options will be Start ActiveSync. Let me know if this works. -- Mahesh - eXpansys