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Dead AAO! Possible fix here. [Acer Aspire One - 170108]

For the second time, I lost my Acer Aspire One.  This time however was different to the last.

First one (AAO A150, white, 120Gb, 512) died of un-natural causes.  It powered on for 60 seconds and no more.  This one was replaced at store.  The fault apparently lies in the cooling of the processor.  If the fan is deemed as having failed, the unit will not power up for longer than 60 seconds.

Second one (AAO A150, blue, 120Gb, 512) expired on me tonight after a hefty thrashing while installing XP, Office 07 and then running SP1 updates for Office, SP3 update for Windows and finalising some other updates which needed processing.  The machine just wouldn't power on.  Green light on battery while connected to AC adapter, green light within power button, black screen.  No external output, no hard drive activity, nothing.

I found the solution indirectly on the Acer Aspire One user forums, which linked to Macles pages.  For those of you who have AAO's and use them for more than playing SuperTux (linpus) or mousebreaker games if on XP, you will know of Macles. 

Basically, the BIOS needs to be reflashed.  Now, while nothing happens to the unit so you can't boot it to flash it, you can still get the unit to flash behind the scenes.  You need to download the latest firmware (links to follow) and then format a USB stick (FAT ONLY!!), then rename the flash file and copy it and flas**t.exe to your USB stick.  Insert the stick into your AAO, any USB port, and hold down Fn + Esc then press the power button.  When the power light starts flashing, let go of the keys and press power once.  LEAVE THE BLOODY MACHINE ALONE after this.  Let it do it's stuff.  It will eventually reboot.  Takes 2 or 3 minutes.  You will usually be left with a fully functioning machine!  Excellent.


Macles site link - you can get to the firmware downloads here

AAO User forum - join up if you aren't already registered - it's actually a very useful forum!

Finally, I just want to add that I have had nothing to do with finding this fix - it was all gleaned from the AAO and Macles sites.  I just wanted to post it here in case others had found the same problem.

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Damn you! Use forum search!!.