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N35 dead, not buried [Acer n35 GPS Pocket PC - 117495]

  • hugie43
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My N35 used to overload and reset on charging, refer to this forum, and as expected it broke down completely one or two months after. I dismantled it, checked the battery, which was dead.

I ordered a new battery, not the N35 type because it showed 5 wires on internet, where mine has only 4. So I ordered N30 replacement, it fitted in, and worked. It did not load, though. I then cut the wires of the old battery, and compared all voltages to the new battery. There was a fuse on top of the battery that was open, but I think that happened after the last time the N35 worked.

The only remaining solution was to make a new cable with a PC-type connection, guide it through the back of the N35, and connect the original and fixed battery externally. It seems to work fine now, I can observe and measure charging current as well as operation voltages etc.

Anyone interested, give me a signal via this forumthread and I'll give you any details you like.

  • m1_s
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I'm very interested on your desision,

but  I had following reslts:

old battery (4 pin)      red       green     white          black

                                     +         4.11V       0.866V     4.12V

new battery  (5 pin)   yellow    black        white         blue      red

                                        +        3.433V    3.431V      3.06V   2.42V

please, give me any details about it.




  • hugie43
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Boy that's a long time ago. I'll try to recall things: First, in my case I never measured the 5-pin battery. Second, my internal charger in the N35 was faulty, because it overloaded the battery to 4,5 volts, which causes it to fail after a dozen cycles. You will notice this because it also resets the N35 itself when it boots.

If you do not use the internal charger anymore, or rather it's control circuit, you'll use only two wires, plus and minus, which I think relates to red and black.

But I think you have a working internal charger in the N35, because the 4-pin battery is fully loaded. If it goes any higher than your 4.11 Volt, you will overload the N35 and it will reset. At this time, your 5-pin bat is empty, 3.4 Volt is the empty state.

I therefor think that your original battery may still be working and that you should try and reboot the N35 with it, switching hard and soft reset until it starts. This may take some trying, don't give up to soon.

If you're sure the bat is dead, and you have no other option (change 5-pin to 4-pin) than my best guess would be to use red and black only, look if it charges (red led or green flashing) and if so, try if the N35 works after 5 minutes of charging. I think it's unwise to charge any further but you may try 15 minutes if nothing smokes.

If it does not work at all, if the battery's voltage is unchanged, you may charge it at red and black at 100 mA up to 4,0 volts, and see if it works than. I wish you all the best and if possible a different handheld :), bye now