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acer n35.. Switching On having problem [Acer n35 GPS Pocket PC - 117495]

  • tarab
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Hi, I am using Acer N35 since last three weeks. Two days ago suddenly its swithced off while driving,after that I connected to car charger and its switched on. But after that without power supply I am not able to switch it on. Please solve my problem
  • E.I.Addyo
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N35 can be a bit tempermental with the car chargers. Sounds like you have completely discharged the main battery. First of all make sure the unit is charging by plugging in the mains charger. If its charging the green LED will flash. This may not happen straight away if the internal battery is completely discharged - so leave it for a few hours. It's fully recharged when the green light is on all the time. If it doesnt charge at all then you probably have a faulty model and need to contact service and claim on warranty. Next thing is to do a soft reset - on the bottom of the N35 is a small hole on the left hand side. Unscrew the top of the stylus and press the pin into the hole - the unit will turn itself off then back on. When you have the unit fully charged there is a definite sequence to connecting the car charger - you MUST only connect the charger with the N35 on. If you connect the car charger with the unit off then switch it on it will immediately reset. Hope this helps.
  • daveww
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Hi, I had a similar problem, after not using my n35 for several months I found it would only work if connected to a power supply (charger or car) this also eliminated the possibility that the transformer or plug and cable may have been faulty. The only possibility left was the battery. I searched the internet and found one on ebay for 15 pounds ( sell them for 20 + shipping) anyway I fitted the new battery and everything is OK! Fitting the new battery was straight forward the only tool you need is a very small cross headed screwdriver, there are 4 screws on the back of the case (2 are under the gps reciever)all covered by small plastic discs that look as if they are part of the plastic, these are just glued on, carefully seperate the front and back of the case, lift of the display screen (no need to unplug just lay it face down alongside the PDA) remove 2 more screws (remember which goes where as one is shorter than the other) securing the motherboard (again you don't have to unplug it) and the battery is revealed, you will have to cut the plastic wrapper securing the battery,unplug the battery and the rest is just the reverse. I had a slight problem as my new battery was fractionally longer than the original and I had to reposition the speaker slightly which was only glued down. I hope this makes sense and is useful to someone.
  • NeoMinds
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Hi Addyo, I had the same problem and after reading your post I solved the problem... Thanks for the advice. Now my N35 is charging again... Richard
Thanks daveww. I have a similar problem and was searching the internet for solutions. i will try looking for a battery instead. Thanks.