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Acer n35 I can't upgrade the os. [Acer n35 GPS Pocket PC - 117495]

  • tabacpaul
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Hy! I have downloaded the os image from acer and the instructions and it fail to have an orange progress bar. Thanks!
  • v0r73x
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This is most likely due to the Acer not picking up the SD card, place the card in your card reader and after backing the data up format it using FAT (not FAT32) place the flash files back on the card and you should then be fine after this, had same problem myself. (Also assuming you have updated the flash boot image first before the OS update?)
  • Gazp
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Hi, I'm also having problems updating the OS Image. I understand that I need to first of all update the Boot image first but have had no luck so far in doing so. Is the procedure the same as for the OS image update? Exactly what files need to be in the root of the SD card - the unpacked rar folder or the actual chain.lst and eboot.bin files? I get the message 'DOWNLOAD IMG EBOOT 6.2' but after leaving the device for up to 15 minutes nothing has updated. If you could tell me the steps you went through that would be great, G
Hi, I too am having similar problems downloading the os image. There is no orange task bar and I have formatted the SD card to FAT. Please help. Thanks Steve
  • law_dawg_usn
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Same problem here ... I get "DOWNLOAD IMG EBOOT 6.2" and one little piece of an orange bar. PLEASE HELP !!!! __________________________________________________________________
  • fjlima
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I had no problems upgrading... I''ve followed the instructions and it took 2-3 min to perform the upgrade of the OS before, with the boot loader it was a litle bit more confusing, but after understanding the process it took 20 secs The problem was that ttn6 (tom Tom 6) begun doing crazy jumps when moving -> I had to change Or go back to 2003 original or find another nav soft - Now I''m using destinator 6 OK - because I use a lot iexplorer and the lanscape is very usefull
  • theo95
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Hello, I have the same problem with my n35. Is it ok for you now? Theo
  • dandog
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you must download eboot 6.2, and install that, after which you update the O/S The procedure is the same for both. chain.lst and eboot.bin must be the only files on the card, and no folders should be on the card.
Hi everyone, I am encountering the same problem (Running TomTom 6) of the map view jumping all over the place. After scouring the web for hours I think I need to downgrade my n35 to Windows 2003 and NOT 2003SE - I have downloaded the eboot 6.2 files and placed it to the root and hard reset but still no joy - Does anyone have any clear instructions of how to downgrade from 2003SE to 2003? thanks in anticipation.
  • dandog
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hard reset and keep the on/off button depressed for about 5 seconds.

Hi Newbie here, can anyone point me in the right direction URL wise to the os upgrade and eboot 6.2 downloads pages.




  • woodchip
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Map jumping, is it connected to the power in the car when it does this? as my TomTom on N35 does the Same. But if plugged into power the arrow stays on the road