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MY used N35 I just got will not charge at all.  I can only use it when it is plugged in.  Do I have to open it up and put a new battery in, or could there be something where the cord is broken and allows me to use it but somehow doesn't charge it??? Any advice?


I 'lost' my acer n35 for several months. When I found it, there was zero power in it, and I could only use it when the charger wass plugged in as it would not hold the charge. There is a slide switch next to the charger point that I moved to one side, then back, then I pressed the soft-reset button on the other side, and hey presto! the acer started to hold charge.

Sometimes just pressing all the buttons seems to work! Hopefully this will help you - good luck!

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Does the green LED flash when you plug in the charger? Cause if it does then the battery is almost surely connected and the loading circuit OK, so the battery's likely to be dead. Your last chance would be to try and charge it repeatedly until it comes back on.

If there's no LED or if it's glowing continuously then either the loading circuit is faulty (mine won't stop charging until I unplug it!) or the battery is dead or not connected.

Good luck t'you mate

I forgot that the flashing LED meant that it was charging. The green LED was constant in the first instances, but after moving the switches, it flashed when I connected it to the charger. Since then it has held its charge without any problem.

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Thanks Stingray - I'd read other posts about battery issues and was so depressed I was about to bin the pda.   My experience was a repeat of yours - exactly -  I thought I was the only person who could lose his GPS especially as it was my calendar as well!

So I slid the switch over and back and - hey presto the charging light is flashing.   Quite a saving made today.   I'll treat the n35 to a nice case / wallet.

thanks to the forum too.

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If anyone would like to see how I replaced the battery in my N35 have a look at