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Can't connect to pc [AnyCom BSH-100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - 119597]

  • pnewman
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Hi, I have a bluetooth microsoft keyboard and mouse. The usb bluetooth adapter came with these. I am trying to link my new BSH-100 Headset but all I can get to is to the status of passkey enabled .. in my bluetooth setup. I just can't get it to connect. Also the manual mentioned that details of connecting the headset to the pc is in another manual ... but I have receieved any. Thank you Paul Newman
  • Yoni
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In Short - If the unit you want to stream music from is not equiped with the Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) you will not be able to use this headset to listen to stereo audio. This should do the job,
Yoni is absolutely correct in this. I have a Microsoft Keyb & Mouse and the only profiles it seems to support is Object Push (at a stretch - can be a proper pain in the ar$e) and also the one for HID devices (because it's for controlling a keyboard and mouse). You can use a mobile phone by SE with Remote Control to control your mouse movements on the desktop, control Media player and also Powerpoint presentations, but that's about it's limit. Hope this helps!! :p
  • milan123
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try it with bluesoleil. bluesoleil is a bluetooth software,supports A2DP