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frequencies < ~ 8kHz - is Belkin F8T003 responsible [AnyCom BSH-100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - 119597]

Hi, I have just bought a BSH-100 Bluetooth Stereo Head for use with a PC. It is paired and connected fine, and I can listen to music and record sound from the microphone, using Music Match Jukebox. The sound is well-timed and low distortion, and is good anywhere in the room, only breaking-up when I go into the next room. However the sound frequencies are limited to less than an estimated 8kHz, not the claimed 22kHz as specified. I am using it with a Belkin F8T003 Bluetooth dongle - is this the problem ? - I have searched the manual, the Belkin site and the web and I have not been able to find if this supports a2dp profile. Can you advise me if the Belkin adapter is likely to be the problem, and if so, can you recommend another that might be better ? thanks, Dr. Beau Webber
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Yes, the F8T003 does not seem to support A2DP. I can only use my Motorola S9 as a std headset with this BT adapter. The Belkin F8T012 or 013 does support this and other profiles. This is probably due to the units being 2.0 compliant (F8T003 is 1.1).