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Sound drop outs & Bluetooth Connection [AnyCom BSH-100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - 119597]

  • evansrg
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I'm experiencing a couple of problems with this headset which make it a poor experience at the moment: 1. Sound drop outs. When I'm walking around I have my O2 Exec in my jacket pocket and I usualy hear about half the song as the sound comes in (and is good quality when playing) but continually drops out. When I'm still the problem does not seem so bad. 2. When I haven't used the headphones for a while I have to re-set them as wireless stereo on bluetootth settings on the exec to get the connection back. Is there anyway to keep the connection constant? Number 1 is a deal breaker for me and if I cannot get it improved I think the headphones will have to go back. Appreciate any help. Many Thanks