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Gateway can't find Bluetooth device [AnyCom GP-600 Bluetooth GPS - 112086]

  • jackaway
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Help! We've spent about 10 hours trying to install anycom's GP-600 with Belkin's bluetooth adapter on a new Gateway laptop with Windows XP. During the installation, it says "cannot find bluetooth device" The adaptor is plugged into the USB 0 slot and is blinking blue. The GPS has a solid orange light and blinking blue light. Under control panel, it says the adapter is working fine. We've tried everything. Under the windows task bar, when I right click it says "bluetooth device not found" and "start using bluetooth." When I click on that, it says "your bluetooth software license does not include use with this device." I can't open bluetooth configuration either, because it can't find the device. I've reinstalled twice. We're getting ready to leave for Europe and if we can't get this working, we'll have to return it. Hopefully you can help. Joe
  • Michael
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Have you put the Anycom into pairing mode? If you haven't then the PC will not be able to connect to the Anycom. -- Michael - eXpansys