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Unlock USA Iphone for use in Ireland [Apple iPhone - 144980]

  • sinmar24
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I received an Iphone as a gift from the United States recently and was wondering how to unlock it.  It has Firmware 04.02.13_G. O2 Ireland have advised me to call Apple Ireland, this I have done who gave me the telephone number for the Apple Iphone Helpline in the US who would be the only ones to help me! Needless to say this was 1800 My Iphone and I can't get them from Ireland!!!!  It seems such a waste of money if I can't get this phone to work.  Can anyone help me?

  • Munkiboy
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a quick search on Google reveals many companies who will unlock the phone and many guides for you to try and do it yourself.  I'm probably supposed to warn you that if it goes wrong it'll render the phone useless but it's an iPhone so no change there
  • sinmar24
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  • Join Date: 25 January 2008
I've searched for the last few days and tried numerous different guides but nothing seems to work!!! I understand that if it goes wrong it can be rendered useless but as it was a gift its worth a try!!!

Don't mind him.  Every forum has a troll.  If the guides don't work you will need to contact Apple US to get the phone unlocked.  The number they gave you (1-800-63414669) may not be able to be dialled but you should be able to contact them via email using the contact section on crApple's website.

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Damn you! Use forum search!!.

  • TurboSIM
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You have an Out of the Box 1.1.2 iPhone (check the serial number - the fourth and fifth numbers will be 45 or higher)

There are several steps you need to follow to 'unlock' this iPhone in order to use all its features, including the 'phone features.

 First you have to get to a state of being at 1.1.2 firmware and Jailbroken and Activated.

Then you have to use a Piggy-Back SIM Device to 'unlock' the iPhone so you can use the SIM of your choice.

 We have guides on how to Jailbreak and Activate on our websites.  You have to chose which SIM device you want to purchase.  If you want one of ours, just write to us with your requirements.


  • Alpho
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Hi Sinmar24

I can unlock this phone for you. I am based in Dublin. I charge €50. Let me know if you are interested