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What are your favorite iPhone & iPad Apps? [Apple iPhone 4S - 224402]

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I thought it would be good if we could share some of our favorite apps, to help make it easier for those who are getting their first iPhone to find apps that are worthwhile, beyond the usual suspects, (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc). Some suggestions:

1. WhatsApp: A great communication device that helps tie in all your contacts. I'm using this on a daily basis now.
2. Groupon: Stay tunned to the latest deals in your area. A bit intrusive at times, but I can put up with it for a bargain.
3. iLoader: A much better way to upload photos & videos to facebook. Even includes basic editing functionality
4. Cooliris: A photo-search utility that lets you grab photos from facebook, flicker, picasa, and many more.
5. Tudou (土豆): Means "Potato" in Chinese, and is basically one of the two major Chinese equivalents to Youtube, (the other being Youku, but I think the Tudou app is more polished). Even if you don't speak Chinese, there are a lot of English and other foreign-language videos available for viewing, and it is all free.
6. Wikipedia: Ok, this is another one that isn't really in the "unknown" category, but I still like it.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Here are few more apps which increases the excitement level of iPhone and iPad,
 1. Evernote
 2. Dropbox
 3. IMDb Movies & TV
 4. Infinity Blade
 5. Death Rally
 6. Age of Zombies