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Archos 504 - possible to replace the hard drive and up load archos software? [ARCHOS 504 80GB Media Player - 142690]

  • Denise H
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Hi, please can anyone help? we have a broken  archos 504 and it is just 18 months old. we did not drop it or anything like that. it was recording from the TV via the cradle and when we disconnected it and picked it up it was very, very hot. after that it gave us the 3 options to reformat or reapir, none worked and now it makes hard drive broken type noises and does not swtich on!!

I am not sure how long the warranty is for (Archos are not very helpful and absolutely no good at answering questions and e-mails!! ) we live in spain and a friend told me that everything bought here has a 3 year warranty - any thoughts on this?

Also if it is not under warranty does anyone know if it is possible to replace the hard drive (I have a clever son who can do this) and is it possible to replace the archose software so the new hardrive becomes an archos again?

it all seems like a waste of 400€ if we cannot fix it.

I am in touch with Archos and they just tell me to send it back with no explanation of if it is covered by the warranty or not 
I am confused and feel the archos customer service is not very good!

  • nomukaiki
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It is not possible to change the harddrive, only at Archos services. The noise you have looks like it was a damage on the heads of the disk, it could be caused by magnetic fields or some failure on the controller that made the heads got out of control (its not repairable).

I had the same problem with Archos 604 and I just quit about fixing it, after trying a lot (even changing the heads of the disk).

Like you notice, Archos services just don't work at all. From the online store I bought they say to contact directly Archos because they must accept the equipment and from Archos the only email I got answered they said to send the equipment to the store and not to them... its a dead end.

I tryed to buy a new harddrive exactly the same and swith it (I found where they sale just the same) but Archos is protected for that specific hard drive that comes from factory. All hard drives have a serial number and they make the firmware for that disk (the old equipments with old firmwares allowed that, but people were putting bigger hard drives and then Archos stopped it).

I bought after that a 504 because I really liked the equipment, even with bad service from Archos. Now my 504 fall and broke the display. Maybe I can buy your 504 and try to put your display on mine. What do you think?