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Bluetooth mobile phone use with Bluetooth GPS [Arkon CM745 Powered PDA Mount For imate/XDA/MDA/Qtek - 147488]

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Hi, I'm looking at this powered cradle to accomodate my XDA II, Bluetooth GPS (yet to be purchased) and TT3 (or equivalent - again, yet to be purchased). As far as I can tell, I should have no problems using the phone at the same time as GPS or TT3 but I have read on another forum posting that the mobile phone signal interferes with the speaker on the PDA mount, making it virtually impossible for the phone to be used at the same time as the powered speaker on the mount. The guy in question has used two mounts and had the same problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Reason I ask is that it is highly likely I will buy a powered mount before I buy GPS or TT3, so initially, I will not see a problem (if one exists). I don't want to have the mount for a few months, then buy the GPS and TT3 and THEN find I have a problem. I look forward to your comments. Carl.