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Transformer Prime Pre-order [ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet Gray - 224770]

  • ryguy5254
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Anybody else preorder on the 13th or after?

Isn't it curious that nobody else is taking preorders for this thing, and yet the preorder sign up button is still going on for a while now? I hope they're not just taking pre-orders and cancelling them when they get too many like a certain online shopping website did a while back.

Is that why theres "no charge for cancellations?"

I pre-ordered yesterday, the 13th. I am not sure why they don't have the keyboard on this site...
I ordered mine this morning ~6AM EST. I'm hoping the same as soon. I will be really sad if my order gets cancelled :( I wish my order information would tell me when they are suppose to get there shipment and send it my way. I have seen that they are suppose to get theirs orders on the 23rd but idk how viable that is.

Where can you see the info about their expected ship dates?

 And... are you able to find the keyboard for the Transformer Prime on this site anywhere? I would like to buy the tablet and keyboard at the same time...

  • ryguy5254
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I don't know if you can find the keyboard here.

As a matter of fact, they just removed the Actual Transformer Device from their website! If you search for the 32GB Gray Transformer Prime, you will not be able to see it anymore!

What does it all mean!?


I still see it on the site... just navigate there through the tablet link at the top.
  • Peyts
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Anyone get an update on this yet?  Wondering if there is any word on when Expansys expects to receive/ship the Prime...
  • Rob - Expansys Staff
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Hi guys,

Know it's frustrating but keep an eye on the site and we'll let you know as soon as we can when the Prime can be pre-ordered. We'll definitely also post in the forums as well as soon as we can so no-one misses it!


  • Peyts
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Hey, Rob... thanks for coming on here, buddy... appreciated.

In response, I have already pre-ordered the Prime (did so two days ago) via the Canada site... must say that I was confused when it listed the time I ordered as "London time".  Are these pre-orders coming out of the UK?  I thought they'd be coming out of Canada or the US.

 If they are coming out the UK, then (as I understand) pre-orders won't be filled until the new year as Asus says the UK will be getting shipments in January... correct?

Thanks for your time.  Patience is not an issue... but not having any information upon which to base the patience is the problem.

Truly appreciate your time, Rob... looking forward to hearing back from you.  Cheers!

  • newcscsl
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 There's a glimmer of hope in this article

Can someone from expansys USA confirm this? 


  • VicR Staff
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Hi - We have just released the UK and EU pre orders for Asus Prime Transformer. The latest news in is we will receive stock in the 2nd week of January. We are not sure on the colours yet but it looks like we will get with and without keyboard and the 32GB stock will come first.  We will let all customers that pre order on any version of this product know when we have stock on any of the versions.   

Vic Thanks for joining in on the Expansys Forum we love your feedback :)