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Connecting Canon Pixma printer / nokia 6300 [ASUS Eee PC 701 Surf Back To School Offer - 158485]

  • Beau
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Hi, I'm very interested in buying one but wanted to check whether it will be possible / easy t o connect the following peripherals. I know the Asus Eee PC has a USB port so I'm guessing it may be a case of finding a Linux driver

Canon Pixma printer - there is a linux driver listed on canon's site. Being a linux newbie is this likely to involve lots of tweaking to work with the Asus instal of linux?

Nokia 6300 - I use the Nokia PC suite a lot with my nokia 6300 and the USB cable to access T-mobile's web and walk service. I'm guessing that as there is no linux release this isn't going to work. Anyone have any alternative ideas of how I could use my T-mobile sim card with the Asus Eee pc to access the net?

I saw this link in the forum - - anyone used this with T-mobile?



  • Yoni
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I can't find a sync solution for Nokia and Linux, and I’m guessing the Canon driver will be straightforward.

The Huawei E220 USB modem is part of T-mobile portfolio, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

Look here if you don't want / need a contract with it. 


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  • Beau
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Thanks Yoni. Does make a difference as essentially it means for my usage I'm going to have to spend an extra £100.00 and carry an extra piece of kit around. But I can do it so need to check the options.



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