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Wireless conection instable [Averatec 3270 AMD Sempron 2800+ 512MB 60GB DVD-Dual - 118504]

  • Dardo
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Hi For one month ago I bought an Avertec 3200 notebook. The machine has all the features I needed. The only that has been giving my some headaches is the instability of the wireless conection. I have a DI-624 router, which is not a miracle of the technology, but it works. The distance to the router is just a few meters, from 5 to sometimes 10. The walls are made of wood but the doors are normally kept open so I don't think that could be the problem. The reason I know it can not be something else is that my other notebook works just fine and does not loose the signal. I would like to know which are my options to get some help to solve this little problem. With kind regards, Dardo J. Allen
  • Nemmeran
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I've heard of such problems. Try downloading the latest drivers for the wireless adapter. From what I hear, it should be an Ralink adapter. Get the driver from THEIR site, http://www.ralinktech.com, as Averatec seems to have outdated drivers. -Derek