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B-Stock condition [B-Stock i-mate K-JAM Pocket PC Phone - Used - 178027]

I am very interested in this PDA but am a little uncertain about the B stock status.

Is anybody able to say wether they show signs of wear and what accessories are missing?



Hi Chris, I've just bought one, great price. It should be with me in a day or so & I will post my first impressions here on this B-Stock item.

UPDATE: K_JAM arrived today, well packaged and in fairly good nick. One or two little nicks which I had to really look for really hard. Some grooves a little bit dirty/grimy but I will clean these up later with a cotton bud.

The cables were all there and looked new but only one syylus provided, bit stingy I thought. Put my SIM in and charged it up with no problems. I uninstalled my old version of Active Sync on my desktop, rebooted, ownloaded and installed the newest version and within minutes all my contacts, emails, appointments, notes, etc., were synced in no time, very fast, I was impressed. Bluetooth paired with my desktop with no problems, I am still playing around with the WiFi but it looks fine to me

All the software stated was loaded including SKYPE and the screens and navigation are all like new. I intend to use my Virgin Mobile Broadband SIM in it which means I can't phone out but with SKYPE, Outlook and Hotmail I will manage fine. I'm just waiting on some information/data from Virgin Mobile on the data SIM but my ordinary SIM works fine and my contacts are well laid out in the phonebook. The speakers are excellent and the keyboard looks new, very clean at any rate.

I am very happy with my purchase, it looks the real deal, expensive at any rate and a real bargain at this price. Hope this helps.

Think of the positives, powertoolman.  If the unit is slightly scratched, you won't be anywhere near as mortified as if you did it yourself.  First scratch on a brand new car?  It's painful.  Same with a phone.

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Thanks for the replies.  In my impatience I bought an I-mate Ultimate 8502 new.  It's great, although I did get it at a bargain price from some auction site!


Nice one!  Enjoy your phone :)

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Damn you! Use forum search!!.