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Cannot stay connected for very long at all [Belkin N1 Wireless Router - 142627]

  • LFFF
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It seems the Belkin N1 interfears with my modem.  about 5 to 30 minutes after having everything setup, the connection between the Belkin N1 and my modem get cut, and the blue modem light on the N1 becomes orange and begins to flash.  The lost connection can easliy be rectified by unplugging both then plugging them back in, but the problem repeats itself shortly after.

 I figured at first my modem finally had it and I needed a new one, but I tested that by having my modem run without the router and my internet works perfectly fine and lasts all day long.

 When I tried to install it, the setup CD simply stoped doing anything after I select a country.  Whether this is the reason for the problem is beyond me.  It does have me go online, however temporarily, it still allows me to go online.  (Also Canada doesn't seem to be a country option)

 I called tech support and they were little help, suggesting me to do what I already did, unplug and replug the thing.  When I told them that doesn't work they said it must be something wrong with the one I have and that they will have to mail me another one.  Telling me that I would have to cover shiping and handling.  This is frustrating me to no end, could someone who knows what they are talking about help me out here, this is not a cheap router and I'm not going to cover shiping and handling costs for something that should have worked when I bought it.