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OmniView PRO has wierd glitches [Belkin OmniView 8-Port KVM Switch - 108848]

  • jsc
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I have noticed some small problems with my 8-Port OmniView PRO (which to me cost enough that it should have been more polished.) 1. Occassionally (about one time in 15) when I switch systems, the mouse switched, but the keyboard doesn't work. Switching to another system then back fixes the problem. 2. The OmniView does not light the Num Lock and Caps Lock lights correctly. It seems to turn these lights on when I switch even though the feature isn't on for the system I switch to. 3. Some times it takes three of four presses of scroll lock to get the Beep that tells me the OmniView has detected that I am issuing a command to it. 4. Finally, one that may or may not be the OmniView's fault. I am having a problem with systems remembering the refresh rates of my monitor which may be caused by the OmniView. I set the rate to 75 Hz and save the settings. That works fine for a while, But eventually, I notice the monitor is flickering. I check and the refresh rate is back down to 60 Hz. So, Is my Omniview broken or poorly designed? Can anybody suggest a solution? Thanks, Jamie
  • vtorres
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I am having the same problem. Are there any suggetions?