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Keypress not being received [Belkin Omniview SOHO 4-Port DVI KVM Switch + Audio - 113298]

  • dorianfm
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I'm using one of these KVM switches with a USB keyboard and I'm having a problem : the forward slash/bar (| and \) keypress is not being received by any of the computers the switch is plugged into. I've tried it with two different USB keyboards, same problem with the same key. If I plug the keyboards into any of my computers directly the keypress comes through. I've done a check in linux and the keypress just doesn't get through to the computer. It's a bit annoying as I use the keyboard/kvm switch for a lot of unix work and not being able to pipe commands is a problem, and it makes accessing windows shares a bit of a pain too.... any idea if there is a fix for this? It would seem that the KVM switch is filtering the keypress.
  • Michael
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Does this happen when you are plugged directly into the Linux machine? -- Michael - eXpansys