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Samrtbeam - driver extraction error [Belkin USB InfraRed SmartBeam - 107362]

  • NixyJ
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Hi there, I'm running Windows ME, (I know, I should upgrade!) I've just bought the Belkin Smartbeam and am having so many problms with it. I've tried the installation disk that is supplied, as well as downloading the latest driver from the belkin site - either way the same thing happens. At the point in installion where you select "KC Technology, inc" in the left portion of the window, "IRXpress USb IrDA Adapter" in the right portion of the window and click OK, it keeps taking you back to the previous screen so you get stuck in a loop going between the previous screen and the screen where you select the device. In the process something most odd has happened to my machine - each time I boot now I'm asked to enter a password for microsoft networking, plus all of my dialup settings are screwed up too, deleting the logon passwords etc... Can anyone help please!!! Many thanks Nx