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BT420 & XDA 2i (IIi , etc) compatibility [Bluetake BT420 i-PHONO Bluetooth Headphone - 114076]

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A similar thread has been posted for a TC1100 Tablet PC I have recently purchased the XDA "2i" from 02. I wondered, as I couldn't find out anywhere, does the 2i have the bluetooth 1.2 spec, and if so does this neccesarily mean I can have stereo (MP3) output? Or, do I have to wait for the BT "2.0 EDR" spec to be released? Any answers/comments/website links would be much appreciated. (P.s. In the meantime I have bought the Logitech (mono) Pro headset from another company, although I am very interested in the AnyCom, BlueTake, BlueWalker and Sonorix products shown on this site @ Any further comments on which would be best, would also be good)