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Qtek 8020 + Tomtom Mobile compatible with BT420? [Bluetake BT420 i-PHONO Bluetooth Headphone - 114076]

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I was wondering if any of you out there uses the BT420 i-phono with the Qtek 8020 smartphone and if it really works well together. I'm also very curious if you also can hear the tomtom instructions over the headphones with bluetooth. Please lemme know!!! Cheers!! Maurits.
There's no reason it wouldn't work together. The 'dongle' plays audio in stereo to the headset, so it would need to be plugged into the 3.5mm jack on the qtek (I assume it has one?). The phone bit is tricky to explain but when you see it done, it makes perfect sense. Sorry if I lose you here but I have a habit of losing myself at times! :) Right, the headset basically switches from mode to mode as required. In one mode it works as a receiver for signals transmitted from the 'dongle'. This is standard headphone mode. It's other mode is Headset, which works on the Bluetooth Headset profile used by most phones with Bluetooth capabilities. You need to put the headset into pairing mode, then search for it on your phone. When the phone finds it (this works best with the dongle switched off) it will appear in the list, you enter the passcode as with any other headset, and hey presto it's connected and the button on the side lets you voice dial. Hang up the phone connection if you've tried calling anyone and turn on the dongle again. This should make the headphones realise they need to be in headphone mode and they'll happily now receive signals from the dongle. This should allow speech to be transferred from TomTom via the 3.5mm jack into the dongle then to the headset. If a phonecall comes in, as your phone is paired with the headphones as a Headset, the headphones cut off the signal from the dongle and switch to Headset mode, allowing you to flip down the handy mic and press the answer button. You can finish your call, then press hangup and the speech will then kick back in. Any vocal transmissions from TomTom will be ignored until the headset kicks back in to Headphone mode. Audio and speech from phonecalls won't work together at the same time. Hope this helps!! :p EDIT: Just for info, I use the iphono 420's with my SE w800i, which plays Mp3s and it's also paired with it so when someone calls, it interrupts the tunes and allows me to speak to whoever. I also should point out that if you're listening to mp3s or TomTom, whatever, and you press your answer button on the headset when it's not ringing, it links to the phone and allows you to voice dial with pre-recorded names. Nice piece of kit, only don't lose the splitter for the charging cable - you'll have to charge one at a time if you do!