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Expansys Ford Focus proclip is LHD! [Brodit Ford Focus ProClip Mounting Bracket - 116931]

  • Dinny66
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Just a warning for UK customers. The Brodit Focus proclip supplied by Expansys, Brodit part no #852667 is for LHD cars, and does not fit RHD cars. The correct Brodit part number for the UK is #652667 (note it starts 6 not 8 meaning UK). Not sold here, so be warned. I''m having to send mine back, at my own expense without a refund on postage, and its not even my fault that it''s wrong. Very disappointed in the customer service. Called and requested a callback but nothing in 3 hours. 0/5. Dinny.

Ordered mine over the phone  I rang as I noticed the one on the site was LHD and wanted to see if they had the RHD one. Specificly said RHD when ordering and gave them the brodit part number - was told it was a special order item. When it arrived it was the LHD version. 

Had to send it back at own expense. Was furious as it was their mistake. Eventually managed to get most of my money back (they didn't even refund me what I paid for it initially), had to work hard to get my return postage and packaging refunded and they were reluctant to give me any of my original postage back as other items were shipped with it, even when I pointed out that if they had shipped the correct item to start with, then I would not have to re-order and pay another lot of postage.

Was then told they couldn't get the RHD one!!

NEVER using Expansys again for anything.