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After one week with the A610 [Canon Powershot A610 Digital Camera - 125914]

Pleased with the camera. If it holds up will be a super camera. To see all my results www.artistas-americanos/chilelindo.html To see latest results today 22 sep 2006 see for many shots taken from a moving city bus. to know the exact shooting stats click "parar" in the upper right hand corner of the slide, do a right click save as...the view the image with your Canon Browser and view the properties. The majority taken from moving bus using 1/1250 ISO auto, the camera choose f3.5 to 4.0. The first shots taken in auto mode unretouched. All shots taken after the 4th of September are with the Canon A610. Those before 4 sept taken with the Revio camera. And the macro shots of also taken with the A610. With little practice the A610 works great as a very portable camera. Fits in my pocket, regardless of what the reviews say. So far so good. am crossing my fingers.