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carcomm ENAV-BT33, unable to maintain connection with PDA [Carcomm ENAV-BT33 Bluetooth GPS Receiver - 137577]

  • warde9r
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I have an iPaq RX2410 (WM2003) and I'm attempting to use the carcomm ENAV-BT33 bluetooth GPS receiver with TomTom Navigator 5. I can pair the device and connect via bluetooth manager software but the connection is lost after 2 - 3 minutes. TomTom can see the receiver but displayes the message 'No Valid GPS Signal'. I've searched the TomTom forum and followed their advice for connecting to a BlueTooth GPS device but this still doesn't work. The device instructions include the comment 'Before the next step, press the button for 4 seconds ultil LED 2 starts to flash, signalling the connting is in progress'. When I do this the device switches off. Any help or advice you can offer would be appreciated.