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Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset – Support Forum

Has anyone tried this "Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset"? [Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset - 123334]

I have had a different headset that is supposed to work inside my Helmet, but for the second year it has not worked. Thinking possibly the "Cardo Scala Bluetooth" might at least give me a chance to take a call, and be able to carry on a conversation. Has anyone tried this motorcycle headset yet? Please don't make me be the guinea pig.
I have read some reviews on the Cardo Scala and the Motorola HS830 Motorcyle Wireless Helmet Headset. And have decided to wait till they make a bluetooth that can be wired directly into my motorcycle and audible through my ear plugs. I have custom ear plugs that I wear while riding, these allow my music and CB radio to transmit directly through my ear plugs. I want my phone to be hooked up this way as well. Any Suggestions?
  • mw0ard
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I have tried this headset which clips onto the outside of the helmet and has a volume control built in. The speaker may seem small but cam be used at speeds of in excess of 60 Mph though the positioning of the microphone is very important as if you do not get it right then you will be overloading the insert and causing white noise. Andrew Davies MW0ARD
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I have a Nolan Helmet and use the N-Com bluetooth with this.....Without the bluetooth it was rubbish but put it on and it is a diffrent animal altogether..... Great to use with the mobile. If I go out with a friend it can be used to talk when we are in range (about 10 meters (33ft) but we''ve had about 20 meters). Works at 60mph... It''s the future, I''ve seen it!!!! Rob