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Casio BE-300 Use with barcode wand [Casio BE-300 Pocket PC - 101795]

  • RoyT
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I bought the BE-300 with the barcode wand. When I try to install the barcode software on the machine it comes up with the error "Windows CE Services required." I have checked all CD's supplied and all the tech info but no luck. I have also checked the web, but it says on the casio site that it should be on a CD supplied. Any help please.
  • renrut
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I'm curious if there are specific drivers for the BE-300? The BE-300 will run most Pocket PC 2000 Mips programs and drivers but there are a few things required. If you are running the orininal Casio Operating Environment Top Menu, you may need extra DLL's to get the drivers to work. There are newer Operating Environments that turn the BE-300 from a Pocket Manager to a Pocket PC. BeShell, Expod and Bee will do this. You can find information on them at . The BE-300 also places its files differently than a Pocket PC. Pocket PC's install files into Windows. On the BE-300, files installed into Windows will be erased if the BE-300 is rebooted or reset. If files get installed into Windows, they need to be moved or copied to Nand Disk\Program Files\Patch folder and then the BE-300 needs to be reset or rebooted. This will make the files show up in Windows.