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Which versions of windows mobile are supported? [CoPilot Live 7 - 182117]

  • daveemtb
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I would like to know whether this product will work on my HTC TyTN II, which has windows mobile 6. The description doesn't state which version of windows mobile are supported.

Also, does anyone know whether this software works with the built in GPS on the TyTN II?


  • Airax
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Yes to both. It will work fine with the TyTN II as well as the built in GPS receiver. O2 released a navigation back for the XDA Stella (TyTN II) a little while ago which was basically the CoPilot software. However your TyTN II should have come with taster edition of TomTom installed? Additional maps shouldn't be a whole lot.
  • colin987
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And Copilot 7 is quite good, a big improvement over copilot6

Also its rumoured that TomTom is dropping development for ppc software, I hope that is not the case  - but its true they have been slow with any updates to TomTom6 which still bizarly ships on the little used mini SD format - I cant understand what they are doing.

In a similar way details of Etens x650 and V900 have dried up since they were taken over. I also hope that technology doesnt just dissapear