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why won't it work!!!!!!! [CoPilot Live Pocket PC 4 CF GPS Special Edition - 108701]

  • Hax
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I have a 2210 and bought this earlier this week I cannot get it to work as it won't install on my ppc it says on the box that it supports Pocket pc 2002 my 2210 is pocket pc 2003 Help!!!!!!!!!
  • Michael
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It should work as we have sold a lot of them and they have all worked fine. The problem could be with the hardware that is could be causing the incompatibility, can you check the serial number if it between the following two numbers E31950001 - E31950500 then can you post back. -- Michael - eXpansys Forum Search
Evening I have the same problem, serial no E20540220. Does not see it when you connect to my ipaq. Do you have a replacement that will work with pocket pc 2003 ? Can i just send you back the GPS receiver rather than everything ? Thanks
Are we agreed then that you will be replacing my CF GPS unit ?