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T-Mobile MDA Compact with CoPilot Bluetooth Receiver [CoPilot Live Pocket PC 4 CF GPS Special Edition - 108701]

Hi everyone I am in the process of purchasing a CoPilot Bluetooth Receiver for the MDA Compact. Can anyone tell me if it's only CoPilot GPS software that can run on the MDA? Maybe Tom Tom, or the Michelin software (forget what it's called now??). Sorry if this is a daft question - can't afford to buy the whole kit so I'm going for the option of buying a bit at a time when I can - ahem! Kind regards Hackbridge
TomTom software will definitely work with the MDA Compact. I haven't had much experience with the Michellin software, unfortunately.
I am being told that version 4 is hopelessly out of date, and yet some peple are saying that aside from a few inaccuracies it's okay. If I go ahead with using version 4, is there any way (the cheapest ;-) ) of upgrading it? Kind regards Hackbridge Ps My Goodness!!! Who is that ugly bloke in the picture?