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Would the CF GPS card in this pack work with an iPAQ 3950? [CoPilot Live Pocket PC 4 CF GPS Special Edition - 108701]

  • jonifen
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Hi, I'm after the GPS card for my iPAQ 3950. I have TomTom 5 on my iPAQ so I don't need the software, but the GPS card I had no longer works (just outside the warranty too... isnt it always the way!!). I have a CF expansion jacket already. Could I buy this special pack on its own and only use the CF card? I've not seen a card on its own for this kind of price range anywhere else, so would be keen to buy this one if it will work.
I've never tested out the CF card in this package with the TomTom Nav 5 software, so I'm not entirely sure. I know that the Nav 5 software works with a large variety of different GPS cards, so I would think that it should work.