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importing files from itunes? [Creative 30GB Zen Vision M - 129550]

hey, i would really appreciate it if someone could help me or direct me to somewhere that could. i've just got a creative zen m after having an ipod mini, and i'm trying to put the songs from itunes into the creative media source, but nothing happens. do i need to convert the files or somthing? i'm hopeless at anything computer related, any help would be great =) Rachel
Rachel, I just bought a Vision M myself, and had a similar issue. The files must be in mp3 format for your Zen to be able to read them. Standard itune format is ACC. If itunes will let you convert the music files to mp3, do that. This option is under the Advanced in the main browser. You may need to change your preferences to convert files to mp3 format rather than ACC. This is under Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Importing. Unfortunately, if you bought your music from the itunes store, it will be right protected, and itunes will not convert it to mp3 format. I got around this by using itunes to make an audio CD of the files I wanted to convert, and then I used Winamp to rip them back onto my computer in the .m4a format. I then reimported them into itunes, and used itunes to convert them to mp3. Good Luck.