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Instalation problem [Creative MuVo TX FM 512MB MP3 Player - 121985]

  • Kresimir
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Hi everybody! Well,it seems I'm the first with problem regarding MuVo Player. My comp. detects my MuVo as new hardware and asks to insert instal.CD which is already inserted, and Setup is done!Simply it can't find software for Muvo. My USB is ver. 2.0,have Windows XP pro and servis pack2 instaled.I tried installing MuVoTXFM_PCFW_LF_1_15_01 and if I open it says the Muvo is not connected!?? I don't understand it at all! In the Device manager it has yellow exclamation sign.... Please help! TNX in advance
Hi, I have a very similiar problem: My computer cannot find the MuVO Tx FM. It also detects my MuVo as new hardware and asks for the instalation CD which had already been installed. I tried many times without sucess. The computer has never been able to find the software for the Muvo and, when I open My Computer the drive does not appear. I downloaded the newest drivers from the Creative Labs site. My computer, which is a 2 year old Dell Inspiron 8200,Pentium 4, running Windows XP Home, still cannot find the MuVo TX FM. I brought the MuVo to my ladyfriends home, loaded the software from the disc that it came with and MuVo Tx Fm immediately worked. When I returned home i tried again. It still does not work on my home computer. When I opened the Device Manager it showed the MuVo with a yellow question mark. As the MuVo Tx Fm works on my ladyfriend's computer I know that the unit is not defective. Any help that can be given will be greatly appreciated.