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D-Link DCF-660W Wireless CF Type I Card – Support Forum

No luck with D-Link drivers and iPaq 2210 [D-Link DCF-660W Wireless CF Type I Card - 104537]

Hello everybody, I've just received my D-Link card (D-Link DCF-660W Wireless CF Type I Card) and I can't get it to work with my iPaq 2210. I have the latest ROM update on it. I am all confused with the installation procedure. I only learnt that the card does not support PPC2003 after it was delivered to me but I have read reviews on this site that the d-link ppc 2003 beta versions drivers work on iPaq 2210. I want to give it another bash before I ask the expansys team for a refund. Can somebody please show me (step by step) how to install the drivers on my iPaq. Just so you know, when I install the drivers from the CD, I don't see the "Wireless" tab when I click on the "Network Card" button. Can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong Regards iPaqUKUser
I am not clear if I should first install the drivers from the CD that comes with the cf card and then install the beta drivers from the d-link website ( or just not bother to install the drivers from the cd and just get the drivers for ppc2003 from the d-link website. I've removed the D-Link software from my Desktop PC (running XP) and my iPaq 2210 Pocket PC. Now please can someone tell me what I'm supposed to do Best regards iPaqUserInUk
When I install the drivers for ppc2003 from the d-link website (, I don't see the dcf-660w under Start > Settings > System > on my pocket pc. This is really beyond me and I don't know who to approach or what to do.
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mine is working well with beta version. Remember reset the ipaq
Sounds like you have teh same problem as me. As far as I can make out the 2003 Beta drivers are for use with CE 2003 Second Edition. Then all you load the driver and go into connections, Network adaptor , double click on the DCF-660w card and set you WLAN details. If like me you are running CE 2003 first edition then you need the utility which is only found on the standard 2002 driver disk. As far as I can find from other sites the 2002 drivers work for most people on 2003 first edition, 2003se users need the beta drivers. However, I have tried everything on my iPaq 3950 running CE 2003 first edition. The utility onens OK and find the card but I can't get it to find any wireless networks, let alone connect to them. I have tried two makes of AP, configured them to completely open, no security but apbrowser never finds them.