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D-Link DCF-660W Wireless CF Type I Card – Support Forum

iPaq 3900 and DCF-660W [D-Link DCF-660W Wireless CF Type I Card - 104537]

Looking for any other suggstions. I can't get the card to see any SSIDs. The iPaq is running standard CE2002. I have performed a hard reset of the iPaq and the only software loaded is the Dlink software. I have tried several W-Lan's including some open ones with no security. I've tried entering SSID and associated settings directly, using the ApBrowser to scan for SSID's etc and it never finds anything. Throughout this the green light is flashing on the card. The only utility that shows any results is the SiteSurvey tool which does show various strengths of service on the different channels when run. I've even been back to my supplier and swapped the card - but same problems on new card. Running out of ideas?