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Ethernet swich connection [D-Link DSL-502G ADSL Ethernet Modem - 105300]

How to connect the d-link dsl router to an Ethernet swich to allow more computers to share the internet connection?
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I don't have hands-on experience with this specific model, but it should be straightforward. - the router by default is set to dynamically allocate IP addresses - using DHCP. Check this, and that DHCP is enabled, on the 'DHCP Configuration on LAN' screen. Also check that NAT is enabled on the 'NAT Configuration' screen. - connect an Ethernet switch to the LAN port of the router - connect your PCs to the Ethernet ports on the switch - if each PC is configured to 'Obtain an IP address automatically' then each should receive its own local IP address from the router - in Internet Explorer, check in Tools | Internet Options | Connections that nothing is shown in 'Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings' or that 'Never dial a connection' is selected. Click 'Lan Settings' and ensure that nothing is checked. Click Setup, and use the Network Setup Wizard to define the connection. Follow the route for a Residential gateway - that's it Hope this helps