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how do i make a static ip... [D-Link DSL-604+ Wireless ADSL Router - 104294]

HI, how do i make a static IP for my PC with a DSL-604. I hate restarting my PC to find out that i have to change my port redirection to get things to work (bittorrent). I have 2 PC's if you need to no, but i only really want static IP on mine. Help Chimp3h
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Have a look here. Personally, I use static IP addresses upwards and upwards. Hope this helps
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As far as I know you need to contact your ISP to get a Static IP, only they have the permission to allocate a static IP.They may or may not charge an extra cost which totally depends on your ISP.You can check whether you have a static IP through Ip-details.com after restting your modem.The public should not change if it is a static IP.