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US v UK [D-Link DSM-320RD Wireless Media Player with DVD - 118587]

  • ruaware
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Hello, i upgraded to vista the other week, and did the media server for my player like it ?? nope,!!! have tech support got back to me? alos nope! So i upgraded my media server to TVersity (thing thats how you spell it) it''s great for the play, xbox also connects. But in having all these problems, i came across the us dlink site and they have had 4 (or more i think) firmware upgrades, fixing many of the problems we alls eem to have!!! how come we haven''t, they incluede fast forwarding issues, better connectivity. The main one, being able to program the search button to JUMP. does anyone know of a way i can tell my media player to connect to the us site instead of the uk? or can you all file a complate to dlink! cheers jamie
  • lcenten
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HI, did you try fast forward with many divx files? Many divx files have problems also with my Philips DVD player with fast forward... As much as I know it should be an issue related to the index of the divx file, not to the player... In fact when I use dvdfix sometimes it works fine, sometimes not... Ciao, Luigi