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DWL-G520+ can see DSL-G604T router SSID but can't connect [D-Link DWL-G520+ AirPlusXtremeG+ PCI Card - 107947]

I installed this wireless PCI adapter on my dad's crappy old Compaq PII 333mhz and everything was fine. When that machine died, I rebuilt another. Gigabyte 7AXP-ultra mobo with Athlon XP Barton 2800 512mb ram. Now it does not work. I know the card is not faulty because I have swapped it with my brothers card (exactly the same). - I have disabled XP zero config - I have unchecked "Use Windows to configure..." - I have re-formatted HD and fresh installed Windows XP - I have tried the latest drivers from D-Link - I have tried D-Link support In the Airplus Utility - the card does recognise and can see the SSID of the DSL-G604T being broadcasted. But it just wont connect. Can anyone use help? I am now considering cutting my losses and getting another Wireless router (without ADSL) to connect to the internet wirelessly via the DSL-G604T. Will this work?
Good news. I just fixed it. Just reading all the other post, there was one about the PCI card physically not quite to specifications. So I re-installed the card on another PCI slot closer to the edge where there is a spacer between the mobo and the case. And everything worked.