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dell venue pro - now with only 256mb of ram? any word from dell? [Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone - 205052]

Hey, have been considering this phone but what with all the shenanigans and delays still held out for it but recently there has been news on the internets that the dell venue pro ships with only 256mb of RAM; is this really true - is there confirmation from Dell themselves that this is the amount of RAM on the device after for soooh long its been advertised as coming with the full 512mb? Even yourselves are showing this specification still.

 Example news story- 


cheers dudes!

yes would be nice to know exactly what ram it has ....been reading about it myself for last few days ....someone put this -
"I wonder if the app is reading the memory correctly. DDR SDRAM is double-data-rate. Please correct me if I am wrong. Would 512 be misread? "
wonder if he is right ??? 256 X 2 = 512