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A reason for the delay [Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone - 205052]

It would appear that the reason the shipping was bumped back again was due to an MMS problem. At least we now know. One less thing (hopefully) that is buggy on the device. Still can't wait to get one.
yes thats what i read on the net ....lets hope that they sort all the other faults out while they are waiting for the MMS problem to be fixed looking forward to getting one ...but still think there is going to be loads of issues with the phone ...which means more headaches for us when we have to contact exspansy know what they are like at replying to emails !!!! useless !!! lol
They do seem to excel at being rather useless with communications alright. By the by. What happend to your post concerning cancelling this order. Did you take it down, or did they make a botched attempt at cleaning up the town?

Thats a good question ...i think the moderators must of checked the post and deleted it due to those idiots posting links to sites .

I did not remove it , one minute it was there , next it was gone ... ...somebody at exspansys must of decided to do some work !! lol

More likely they saw us .. "dissing" them, so they said, nuts to that, that thread is being killed off.

well if your right ...they will be deleting this post too !!! lol

I did see those idiots posting cheap goods on this thread earlier has now been removed so guess the moderators have been on the case ...

Let them have their smaller, crapier screens. We'll have the last laugh with our quality, reliable DELL phones.......... Stop laughing. I was being serious, damn it....... ;)